Welcome the science division!

Corporation Incorporated is please to announce the official opening of it’s Science Division. While we have been pretty active over the past several weeks finding and exploring all the bugs within Arena Commander we finally made an official YouTube channel where we will host our videos. Not everything we put on YouTube will warrant a post on our site so be sure to subscribe!

Here is our first piece of science. We managed to get a vast majority of the ships to load into the 2 Arena Commander maps. Our favorite by far though has to be the GreyCat PTV which you can see here:

You can also check out our post on the RSI Forums. This is only the beginning of our adventures so stay tuned for even greater experiments!

Nevermind the mess!

Now that the site is up and running in its most basic form, it’s time to start the tedious process of wiring all the custom CSS and other code that will make it behave as it should. If something looks out of place, wonky or just plain screwed up don’t fret! It will be up to Corporation Incorporated’s high standards* soon enough!

The term “high standards” refers to anything really.

Corporation Incorporated has a home!

After messing around with a VPS and banging my head against the wall setting everything up from scratch, we finally have a home!

If you don’t already know who we are, please stop by the About Us page and check it out. In short, we are a Star Citizen organization that is set to break the Alpha/Beta versions as much as we possibly can while. It’s all for the love of Star Citizen though, because the more we break it now, the less it will break later.

Corp Inc has been responsible for some of the “firsts” in Arena Commander. Most notably, boarding actions as seen here.

So let’s all sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Star Citizen continues on its path to being the BDSSE!