Bug Hunters Episode 1: Ejection Bug

Corporation Incorporated is proud to introduce the Star Citizen community to a new video series called, “Bug Hunters”. In this series our top scientists* put some of the more interesting bugs under the microscope to discover what causes them, how to replicate them and even how to have fun with them.

For our first episode we decided to showcase the “ejection bug”. This is the bug that you get when you try to eject but don’t and your left in a ship that can’t really do anything. It usually results in the player needing to quit the match which can be frustrating. Well the bug has some practical and even really cool aspects to it as well. It’s how you get out to the Moon on “Broken Moon” and even to the Star…er…Planet Core on “Dying Star”. It can also be used as a screenshot tool and makes for an awesome way to have a “spectator mode” of sorts.
The episode is fairly short (5 minutes long) and should prove to be informative to anyone who doesn’t know much about the bug. There is also some really cool footage showcasing the spectator mode which really shows off the beauty and grace of dog fighting and the great detail that has done into this game and its ships.

Without further ado, we present you with Bug Hunters:

And for those who just want to see some Arena Commander action from “Spectator Mode”, this is for you:

For the next episode we do is a tossup between “Boarding Actions” or “Fun* with Flares”. We haven’t fully decided yet. We are also open to feedback from the community so please share your thoughts in this thread!

The term “scientists” refers to a group of babbling idiots.
The term “fun” refers to a deadly activity.

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