About Us

Who we are?

Corporation Incorporated is a Star Citizen Organization based on the idea of having fun. Since the release of Arena Commander 0.8 we have been focused on finding bugs, breaking the game, uncovering “hidden” features and other shenanigans that we call science.

This is our definition of science.

This is a slightly safer version of science. Note the blood around the screen though...

This is a slightly safer version of science. Note the blood around the screen though…

We have also been known to cause trouble within the game as well doing things like:

Birdman was not assimilated at the time or else we would have 6 Borg.

We have done plenty of other ‘Science Experiments’ that you can find by heading over to your Science Page. It is updated often with every new bug we find (excluding big game breakers that get sent to the RSI developers directly).

We are not all about goofing around though. Corporation Incorporated holds some of the best pilots within the Star Citizen universe and there isn’t much that can stand in our way. Whether it’s FiendishFeather dancing around you in his 300i, BirdMan swooping in with his Neutron Cannon armed Hornet, or one of our many other ace pilots flying an array of different ships and load outs. You can see our ever growing roster on our RSI Organization Page.

If you ever see multiple [Corp Inc] members in Arena Commander, just open up chat with either the \ (US) or # (EU) key and shoot us a message. We will gladly aide in Flight Lessons, Shenanigans, or Hardcore Game play.


Corporation Incorporated started as just a two buddies (Glaw and FiendishFeather) who got together and decided to create a Star Citizen organization based of the [even more fictional] Corporation Incorporated featured in Vlaada Chv├ítil’s games “Space Alert” and “Galaxy Truckers”. The concept behind it was to have an organization that didn’t really care about the well-being of the crew and was willing to do the missions everyone else would call, “f****** insane!”. Our RSI ORG Page shows this with plenty of subtle (and not quiet a subtle) Futurama, Kerbal Space Program, and other general “Nerd” references to hopefully get a chuckle out of at least a few people. Since the organizations inception, it has grown into something a little more than that with a fleet of over 100 ships (including 2 Idris) and dozens of members with many active every day which only adds to the shenanigans.

We planned on doing ‘just enough grinding’ to keep the org afloat and have everyone make money for decent gear, but have no intention on rising to the top. The idea is to have a medium sized org where everyone knows each other and we can have a lot of fun getting ourselves into a sticky situation just to see if we can get back out of it. We will sit in TeamSpeak and shout ideas at each other such as, “I wonder what will happen if 2 Idris Collide”, “Let’s load a StarFarer fuel of fuel and ram into an Idris” or, “How many Aurora Kamikaze’s does it take to bring down an Bengal Carrier?”.

I wonder what happens if I fly into that planet's core....

I wonder what happens if I fly into that planet’s core….

Most of us record all of our gameplay anyway, so it just makes it all that much better because we can then share it with everyone. We will fly our ship into a black hole so you don’t have to, and laugh while doing it!




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